Agnieszka Holland on her urgent and politically charged refugee drama Green Border

This week on the Klassiki Podcast, host Oliver Hunt sits down with legendary Polish director Agnieszka Holland to discuss her new film, Green Border. A ripped-from-the-headlines drama about the crisis that unfolded along the Poland-Belarus border in 2021 – in which Syrian refugees were left stranded in no man’s land as the two countries engaged in a political face-off – Green Border sees Holland at her urgent, humanist best. The film provoked controversy within Poland, where it was attacked by the hard-right Law and Justice government; although the party has since been replaced in power, the troubling questions posed by Holland’s film remain unanswered.

In this episode, she discusses the political debate that has swirled around the film, her collaborative approach to telling the stories of refugee groups, and how the so-called “migrant crisis” speaks to her career-long concerns.

Green Border is out in the UK from 21 June. Make sure also to check out Holland’s 2017 eco-thriller Spoor, available now to Klassiki subscribers.

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Intro music by Juliet Merchant.