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Narratives of defiance: how filmmakers are challenging Kazakhstan’s political regime

Brief encounters: Otar Iosseliani and the subversive art of the short film

Tarkovsky in exile: how the Soviet Union’s foremost auteur lost his homeland

Eccentrism at 100: celebrating the forgotten mavericks of the Soviet avant-garde

Life during wartime: two years on, how is Ukrainian cinema responding to invasion?

Stories of genocide: how filmmakers have commemorated Armenia’s national tragedy

All in the family: for Bulgarian filmmakers, international success lies close to home

Repentance: the extraordinary inside story of Tengiz Abuladze’s swansong masterpiece

Hakob Hovnatanyan: the radical sound and vision of Parajanov’s miniature masterpiece

Narratives of reflection: how Ukrainian cinema revives and reinterprets the 1990s

Soviet redux: personal and political collide in two recreations of the Stalinist past

Invisible republic: capturing Artsakh on film, from frozen conflict to mass emigration

“The interesting stories are yet to come”: how Kosovo’s female directors went global

The poetry of insubordination: on Tengiz Abuladze’s “trilogy of truth”

Intuitive information: composer Juliet Merchant on scoring Soviet silent films

A well for the thirsty: folklore and decolonisation on the Ukrainian screen

Road to nowhere: Sergei Loznitsa and Russia’s wartime ghosts

Faith in images: the post-war visions of Miklós Jancsó and István Szőts

Fractured love stories: Farewells and the surreal film career of Wojciech Has

Falling through rugs: Jirtdan and the rediscovery of Azerbaijani animation

Persian poetry: the rise and fall of Tajikistan’s post-Soviet film culture

A film archivist takes us inside the battle to save Ukraine’s Dovzhenko Centre

“The noise grows loud”: how Juris Podnieks captured Latvia’s perestroika generation

The Politics of Watching: documentary visions of the Ukrainian East

Landscapes of Collective Fate: the political resonances of nature in Armenian cinema

Armenia’s Hemingway: the literary gifts and cinematic legacy of Hrant Matevosyan

Time’s Tricks: fantasy and reality in Kirill Serebrennikov’s Petrov’s Flu

How Soviet audiences fell in love with Sherlock Holmes

Lev Kuleshov: the man who taught Soviet film to change the world

Sakha Film: the history of a post-Soviet cultural phenomenon

Ali Khamraev and the idea of the Soviet auteur

Dziga Vertov and the foundations of Soviet documentary

I’m Familiar with These Places: on the poetry of Frunze Dovlatyan’s Hello, It’s Me!

Aleksei German’s War: how an auteur changed Soviet war cinema from within

Exploring Soviet space on film

Getting to the point: negotiating Rachid Nougmanov’s The Needle