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Time Time60 mins
LanguageRussian (silent)
My Grandmother
ჩემი ბებია

This explosive, wildly inventive, and criminally under-seen gem from Kote Mikaberidze burst out of Georgia in 1929. An absurdist satire of bureaucracy, the film follows the hapless Georgiy and his struggle to overcome a cruel administrative system impeding him at every turn. Mikaberizde’s arsenal of cinematic tricks – Constructivist sets, animation, puppetry, slapstick – is dizzying, and testament to the vitality of the Georgian avant-garde. Perhaps fittingly, the film was shelved for decades after running into issues with the censors. With a new score composed and performed by Stephen Horne.

This film is kindly supported by David Gigauri.
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Stuart Wilson
Stuart Wilson
Comic gem
This is a real hidden gem. I'm astonished it's not more well known. Its brimming with surreal invention and creativity. If it starred Buster Keaton It would be hailed as a masterpiece. It should be as famous as Un Chien Andalou, which was made around the same time. So why isn't it?
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