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Time Time60 mins
My Grandmother
ჩემი ბებია

This explosive avant-garde film burst out of Georgia in 1929. Running into issues with the censor, the film was shelved for about 40 years. The film follows hapless Georgiy, and his struggle to overcome a rigid bureaucratic system impeding him at every turn. A surreal critique of bureaucracy, Mikaberizde uses dizzying constructivist sets, animation and even puppetry to invoke the fear and corruption underpinning the state.

This film is kindly supported by David Gigauri. New score composed by Stephen Horne.
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Stuart Wilson
Stuart Wilson
Comic gem
This is a real hidden gem. I'm astonished it's not more well known. Its brimming with surreal invention and creativity. If it starred Buster Keaton It would be hailed as a masterpiece. It should be as famous as Un Chien Andalou, which was made around the same time. So why isn't it?
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