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Time Time29 mins
The Little Mermaid

This exquisite Soviet animated adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s 1837 fairy tale tells the story of a water-dwelling maiden, Rusalochka, who trades her voice for legs after falling in love with a human prince. The story transitions between the black and white human world of Copenhagen, where tourists believe in love but not in mermaids, and the gorgeously vibrant visuals of the underwater mermaid kingdom, accompanied by Aleksandr Lokshin’s haunting music.

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Justine Waddell
Justine Waddell
One of the most beautiful animations ever
We stumbled across this gem of Soviet animation while watching Khrzhanovsky's new film, The Nose. Why is it not better known? And what better way to celebrate 85 years of Soyuzmultfilm. Exquisite images, a deft, humorous and uncompromising screenplay, and proof from Andersen at least, that love really does exist. Heartbreaking.
Alison Hindell
Alison Hindell
Charming and poignant
Having worked with some former Soyuzmultfilm directors many years ago, this is a beautiful reminder of their individual artistry, largely free of Disney traces, and a delightfully melancholic story. I still wanted her to unleash the storm and save herself!
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