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Time Time110 mins
LanguageUkrainian, Hutsul
Warning Violence, scenes of a disturbing nature
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
Тіні забутих предків

The first mature masterpiece from one of world cinema’s true poets, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors bursts with imagination. Grounded in the folk traditions, aesthetics, and dialect of the Hutsul people of western Ukraine, Parajanov’s tale of the forbidden love between star-crossed Ivan and Marichka showcases his trademark visual exuberance. This magical realist triumph established Parajanov as one of the Soviet Union’s pre-eminent auteurs.

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Matthew Kibble
Matthew Kibble
A Painting
At times aggressive and disturbing, particularly the soundtrack, Parajanov captures life, light and darkness on camera like nobody else.
Awards and Festivals
Award Laurel
Grand Prix
Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Argentina
Cast and Crew