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Time Time101 mins
Warning Violence
Twenty Days Without War
Двадцать дней без войны

This sophomore film from Alexei German is a dazzling and deft investigation into the real cost of war. Correspondent Lopatin, is granted 20 days of leave from the front, which he uses these to travel to Taskhent and witnesses the filming of a screen adaptation of his own essays and articles. There he meets Nina, but even miles away from the front, he struggles to truly leave the war behind.

Directed by Aleksei German |
Russia |
1976 |
Awards and Festivals
Best Director
Award Laurel
Rotterdam International Film Festival
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Stuart Wilson
Stuart Wilson
Thoughtful war film
This is a thoughtful war film made with Aleksei German's distinctive style. Impeccable mise en scene, well-rounded characters and a focus on the small details of life which shed light on the bigger picture.
Bobbie Kociejowski
Bobbie Kociejowski
Superb warm movie
Never have I seen war so brilliantly depicted as in its peaceful interlude. The dialogue was superb throughout.
Cast and Crew