Favourite 5: Family Films to watch this Mother’s Day

Family films to watch on Klassiki

With a Mother’s Day in lockdown on the horizon, here at Klassiki we have compiled our favourite family-friendly films, available to watch in our Library. We’re confident these titles have something for everybody and will make for a perfect weekend viewing.

The Diamond Arm (1969)

Diamond Arm (1969), Leonid Gaidai

This comedy classic is a favourite of ours. Think “Pink Panther meets the Black Sea” and swap European glamour for fashion with a distinctly Russian flavour. The plot includes a case of mistaken identity, a plaster cast full of jewels and a series of slapstick mishaps bound to make the whole family cry with laughter! It is a sparkler in the treasure trove of Soviet cinema.

Happy Go Lucky (1972), Vasily Shukshin

From one of global cinema’s most unique directors, Vasily Shukshin’s tale of a Siberian tractor driver and his wife travelling south for the first time is utterly transfixing. Blending physical comedy and surreal humour for the children and philosophical quandaries and social commentary for adults – Happy Go Lucky is perfect for a night in with the family.

Hedgehog in the Fog (1975), Yuri Norstein

A landmark moment in animation, and an adorable one at that! Norstein is one of the world’s greatest animators and is best known for Hedgehog in the Fog. A gorgeous, ephemeral depiction of a little hedgehog’s journey through the fog. Whilst a childhood favourite in Russia, it is loved by adults and children equally. Running at a sprightly 10 minutes, there is no reason to not watch this iconic, much-loved film with your little ones.

I Walk Around Moscow (1964), Georgiy Daneliya

This Palme D’or nominee set Soviet hearts alight at the time of its release. This beloved comedy follows Volodya, an aspiring writer from Siberia, and Kolya, played by a young Nikita Mikhalkov. They embark on a series of adventures across one of the world’s most magical cities. The film, much like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) with a Russian soul, is a love letter to Moscow.

Mother Got Married (1970), Vitaly Melnikov

A tender family drama about the bond between mother Zinaida and her child Boris. Zinaida and Boris have been a duo for his entire life. When she decides to get married, their intimacy is ruptured. It’s a funny and touching portrait of family relationships and the unyielding love between mother and child. A perfect, bittersweet depiction of love with which the whole family can resonate.

Mother Got Married (1970)