Klassiki are proud to present a live conversation with filmmaker, Dmitry Falkovich, who directed our Pick of the Week, Ivanov


A graduate from Moscow State University, where he studied mathematics, Dmitry Falkovich is a successful tech investor who was in 2017 included on the Forbes Midas List Europe of Top Tech Investors. A Founding Partner at Phenomenon Ventures, a $300 million venture capital fund that invests internationally, Falkovich also served as a board member for HelloFresh previously. Ivanov is followed by his new film, Prolonging Life, which follows a Russian investment manager based in London who decides to invest in longevity.

When Moscow investor Alexander Ivanov gets into trouble with the Moscow authorities over shady business dealings, he escapes to Kiev with his business partner Aleksey Spitsin. Overshadowed by the famous Motherland Monument statue, Ivanov tries to involve himself in new business ventures. Frequenting nightclubs and surrounding himself with young, beautiful women, the past nevertheless catches up with him.

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