Klassiki in July

Yuri's Day (2008), Kirill Serebrennikov

Our upcoming Pick of the Week films hail from Latvia, Ukraine and Russia this month and have collectively won or been nominated for over 30 international awards!

Pick of the Week films are handpicked by our team or guest curated by filmmakers and critics. Often these titles are contemporary award winners having their UK premieres on our platform or reflect an important film anniversary or world event. We screen films that come from important new voices in cinema-like Dmitry Falkovich and Iryna Tsilyk or choose a classic, like the exquisite Yuri’s Day, to give you the best of independent cinema from Russia and the region.

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TUESDAY 6 JULY, Yuri’s Day (2008), Kirill Serebrennikov, Russia

We start July programming with a contemporary classic from Russia’s most controversial director, Kirill Serrebrennikov. Before leaving Russia and moving to Western Europe, famous opera singer Lyuba travels to her hometown to say goodbye and show her teenage son around. But Andrey, Lyuba’s son, disappears and she must stay in the place she hates the most to search for him. A piercing exploration of identity and transformation, against the backdrop of a Russian hinterland, surrounded by Orthodox churches and snow.

TUESDAY 13 JULY,  Ivanov (2018), Dmitry Falkovich, Russia


When Moscow investor Alexander Ivanov gets into trouble with the Moscow authorities over shady business dealings, he escapes to Kiev with his business partner Aleksey Spitsin. Overshadowed by the famous Motherland Monument statue, Ivanov tries to involve himself in new business ventures. Frequenting nightclubs and surrounding himself with young, beautiful women, the past nevertheless catches up with him.

TUESDAY 20 JULY, Earth is Blue as an Orange (2020), Iryna Tsilyk, Ukraine


Starting out documentary film season HORIZON in collaboration with Bertha DocHouse, The Earth Is Blue as an Orange follows a single mother, Ganna, and her four children living in a war zone in Donbass in Ukraine. As they struggle in this atmosphere, where schools are closed and they are surrounded by sounds of war, they try to keep a sense of normality by making films of their lives as a family. Follow this family through their hard times and as the eldest daughter, Myroslava, pursues her dream to study film-making. Through the story of the Trofymchuk family, Iryna Tsilyk explores questions of war and the role of art in wartime.

TUESDAY 27 JULY, Gorbachev.Heaven (2020), Vitaly Mansky, Latvia


The 90-year old Gorbachev currently lives outside Moscow, awaiting the moment when he will be called to join the list of the 20th century’s most consequential figures. He was the architect of Glasnost and Perestroika, policies that gave the citizens of the Soviet Union a chance to be free. But at the same time, under his rule, the Chernobyl nuclear facility exploded and its destruction was concealed. And Soviet tanks menaced and killed peaceful demonstrators. History will judge Gorbachev, but Gorbachev presents his own, final testimony.

Gorbachev.Heaven (2020) – left
Earth is Blue as an Orange (2020) – right