Klassiki: In Conversation

An exclusive interview with trailblazing Georgian director
Lana Gogoberidze

Streaming from 7pm BST 30 June 2022

*A recording of the interview will be made available on the More to Explore section of the Some Interviews on Personal Matters film page*

Klassiki is proud to present an exclusive interview with pioneering Georgian director Lana Gogoberidze. One of a trio of hugely influential female Soviet directors, alongside Larisa Shepitko and Kira Muratova, Gogoberidze’s influence on Georgian film cannot be overstated. We sit down with Lana to discuss the making of her groundbreaking domestic drama, Some Interviews on Personal Matters (1978), an intimate portrait of one woman’s search for equality in 1970s Tbilisi.

Some Interviews on Personal Matters