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‘I think with the new Georgian cinema that exists, this is why there is such an interest toward the whole of Georgian cinema everywhere.’
Lana Gogoberidze

The current fascination with a new generation of Georgian filmmakers is creating interest in both classic and contemporary Georgian movies. Enjoy our hand picked collection of great Georgian movies online with everything from silent film masterpieces such as Mikhail Kalatozov’s Salt for Svanetia to important new voices in Georgian cinema like wonderful female filmmaker Ana Urushadze. There are rarely screened gems in our collection like avant-garde gem, My Grandmother, or famed Georgian filmmaker Tengiz Abuladze’s The Wishing Tree. There are also comic capers and laughs to be had, with classic Georgian satires like There Once was a Singing Blackbird. Enjoy all this and more including live director interviews with influential directors like Lana Gogoberidze, essays in our journal, current award-winning films that screen in our pick of the week for a two week window and much else. Georgia has always occupied a special place in the hearts of world cinema lovers.

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