Klassiki are proud to partner with Samizdat, Scotland's first Eastern European Film Festival screening diverse new cinema and classical film.

27 September - 13 October 2022, Klassiki
Salt for Svanetia
1930 | Mikhail Kalatozov
With a new score performed by composer Liza Kalandadze
Screening online from 29 September 2022, Klassiki
This early silent masterpiece by legendary Georgian director Mikhail Kalatozov is a riotous experiment in camera technique, editing, and the use of non-professional actors.
Decoloniality in Central Asian Cinema
6PM, 10 October
Online panel discussion with filmmaker Anisa Sabiri, Professor Madina Tlostanova, chaired by Samizdat curator Natalia Guzevataya
My Twentieth Century
1989 | Ildikó Enyedi
Screening online from 27 September on Klassiki

In 1800s Budapest, two impoverished twin girls, Dora and Lili, are separated. Decades later, the twins – one an anarchist, the other a manipulative socialite – meet on the Orient Express.
Feature Film about Life
2021 | Dovile Sarutyte
Screening online from 27 September on Klassiki

Dovile’s life is shaken by her father’s death. But there is no time to mourn as she must urgently organize the funeral. Trying to make it perfect, Dovile takes care of every detail and finds herself in increasingly curious situations. Her childhood memories are chasing her up.
Rhythms of Lost Time
2021 | Anisa Sabiri

Screening online from 27 September on Klassiki

Anisa Sabiri's documentary focuses on traditional Tajik musical practices dating back to Zoroastrian times which have been kept alive, evolving naturally and sometimes in response to the changing demands of Soviet, Islamic and capitalist influence. Their survival is now under greater threat than ever before.
Landscapes of Resistance
2021 | Marta Popivoda

Marta Popivoda, a queer Serbian woman, returns home to retrace her grandmother’s experience during the Nazi occupation. Alongside intimate interviews, the film revisits the landscapes upon which her grandmother's experiences of war are inscribed, including where she met comrades in the Yugoslavian resistance and endured unimaginable horrors at Auschwitz-Burchenhau.
Cinema and Culture During and After the War
6PM, 2 October
Online panel discussion with Olga Bryukhovetska, Vitaly Chernetsky and Darya Tsymbalyuk, chaired by Samizdat curator Natalia Guzevataya
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