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Sergei Parajanov's Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (1965) is available in our library

Klassiki (Russian for “hopscotch”) is the first ever streaming platform dedicated exclusively to the best of contemporary and classic cinema from Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

And we hope to become your trusted new home for cinema online.

When the coronavirus pandemic closed cinemas all over the world, Klassiki founder Justine Waddell, started a weekly online film club. “We bet on the idea that our rare, hard to find and beautifully made films from Russia, Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asia, would be interesting to audiences during lockdown, who might be prepared to take risks they might not in other circumstances.”

We were overwhelmed with the response, with hundreds tuning in each week to watch everything from Russian comedy to Armenian drama, everything from precious Soviet animations, to searing recent classics.

From 4 February – 4 April 2021, thanks to an Audience Award from the British Film Institute Klassiki was launched. The platform is now a year old and offers the first two weeks of membership completely free. Membership means you can explore:

  • Our entire library of classic films, over 60 films and growing
  • Our weekly “Pick of the Week” films, new or recently released features that you can’t see anywhere else in the UK
  • Complementary content, including director Q&As, contextualising essays, articles and programme notes

Plus, we guarantee no adverts interrupting your experience.

Our curatorial team work hard to offer up picks of the week, contemporary blockbusters or recent award-winners from the Eastern European area, to show our audience the most important new voices in this region’s film. Our goal is never to overwhelm you with content but to provide at least four films a month that are unmissable, urgent and important.

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To become a member, visit our Membership page and start exploring a whole new world of cinema from your home.