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Time Time135 mins
Warning Scenes of a disturbing nature
Burnt by the Sun
Утомленные солнцем

This Academy Award winning film is the story of a family and a people, suffused with Nikita Mikhalkov’s customary sense of irony and political symbolism. Set in 1936, as Stalin’s purges gather momentum, Mikhalkov plays a retired officer who has retreated to the country with his wife Maroussia (Ingeborga Dapkunaite) and 6-year-old daughter Nada (Nadezhda Mikhalkova —the director’s own daughter). When a former lover of Maroussia arrives, the family’s idyll is pushed to shattering.

Directed by Nikita Mikhalkov |
Russia |
1994 |
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David Spencer
David Spencer
Summer of 36
This is my favourite film so far on klassiki. An idyllic summer in 1936, relaxing with extended family is hero of the revolution Kotov. Visiting them is Cousin Dimitri who seems to have ulterior motives for his visit. There is a slow burn which I enjoyed about the film, days lolling around in the sun with the feeling that something is going to spoil it all.
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Award Laurel
Grand Prix
Cannes Film Festival
Award Laurel
Jury Prize
Cannes Film Festival
Award Laurel
Academy Award
Best Foreign Language Film
66th Academy Awards
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