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Time Time89 mins
The Lady with the Dog
Дама с собачкой

This beautiful tale of hidden love is based on Anton Chekov’s iconic story of the same name. Dmitri and Anna find themselves out of their wintery, landlocked cities and in Yalta one summer. Dmitri, a Moscow banker, spots Anna, a beautiful married woman from Saratov, walking her dog. Their meeting casts a light on the unspoken sadness of both of their lives, and the tantalising chance for happiness that remains just out of reach.

Awards and Festivals
Best Actress
Award Laurel
Awarded to Iya Savvina
3th Cannes International Film Festival
Award Laurel
Best Foreign Language Film
British Film Academy
Award Laurel
Best Production Design
British Film Academy
Best Actor
Award Laurel
Awarded to Aleksey Batalov
Jussi Awards Ceremony, Helsinki
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David Spencer
David Spencer
Chekhov Classic
This is a fine film, a classic Anton Chekhov tale about 2 married people falling in love. Great performances by the main leads and excellent cinematography, quite a lot of the film looks like it is filmed on location in Yalta or similar.
Stuart Wilson
Stuart Wilson
This is a well-acted film with good period detail. The film lacked a certain spark for me, but is still worth watching. It felt at times like a stage adaptation. It's themes also reminded me a bit of the later film Three Poplars, which I preferred.
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