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Time Time89 mins
The Most Charming and Attractive
Самая обаятельная и привлекательная

Nadia, a single woman in her thirties, submits to her school friend Susanna’s tutelage. Susanna, a sociologist, is convinced that she can teach Nadia a scientific method of seduction to help her find a husband. In this sweet comedy, director Gerald Bezhanov cleverly subverts the ‘glow-up’ trope of Hollywood romantic comedies with a tender and incorruptible performance by Irina Muravyova as Nadia.

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Symon Vegro
Symon Vegro
What a gem!
I loved this movie. So innocent and gentle, and beautifully acted. And funny too. I enjoyed hearing men (of which I am one) described as a “sub group”. I think I’m going to like Klassiki.
Scott Pack
Scott Pack
A little predictable… but good fun.
A little predictable, and understandably somewhat dated when it comes to gender roles, but has a great deal of charm and almost worth watching for some of the interior and decor shots alone. Good fun.
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