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Time Time85 mins
White Sun of the Desert
Белое солнце пустыни

One of the most popular Soviet movies of all time, White Sun of the Desert, is a true cult classic. It follows Red Army soldier, Sukhov, trying to return home from Central Asia in the Russian Civil War. But Sukhov is assigned the task of guarding the harem of a guerilla leader, leading to a series of adventures as the task proves to be more difficult than he imagined.

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Matthew Kibble
Matthew Kibble
If It’s Good Enough for the Cosmonauts…
A strange movie and one I wasn't particularly a fan of, It's meditative and heavy on dialogue, despite its leanings towards the 'Western', but I wouldn't say there's anything about it that is particularly profound or worth the fame it has in Russia. Perhaps I missed something about the difference between the attitudes of revolutionaries and 'Russian Asians'. In any case, the Soviet cosmonauts used to watch it before launching. See what you think!
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