Screening online from 9 – 30 July.

Klassiki are proud to partner with Golden Apricot International Film Festival for their 2023 edition.


Based in the Armenian capital of Yerevan, Golden Apricot is one of the most important film festivals in the Caucasus. Klassiki is proud to be the festival’s online partner in 2023. From 9 – 30 July, we will be streaming a selection of titles from this year’s programme, including a restoration of Amo Bek-Nazaryan’s silent classic The House on the Volcano to mark the centenary of Armenian cinema. And on the Klassiki Journal, we will be publishing reviews and reports from the participants of the festival’s Critics’ Campus programme, bringing you even closer to the action in Yerevan.

This season is hosted in association with the Armenian Institute, UK, proud to partner again with Klassiki to bring great Armenian cinema to UK audiences.

The Drummer

2022 | Kote Kalandadze
Screening online from 9 July

The debut film from underground musician Kote Kalandadze is a gritty and heartfelt portrait of creativity and desperation on the margins of Georgian society.

Notre Village

2023 | Comes Chahbazian
Screening online from 9 July

The long shadow of war hangs over a village in Nagorno-Karabakh in this meditative documentary from Armenian-Belgian filmmaker Comes Chahbazian.


2023 | Daniel Kötter
Screening online from 9 July

This contemplative documentary journeys across eastern Armenia to explore the relationship between war and resource extraction.
In Landshaft, a documentarian travels across Artsakh in a lady


2023 | Michael Aloyan
Screening online from 9 July

Michael Aloyan’s quietly provocative short lifts the lid on the simmering tensions lying just beneath the surface of traditional Armenian domestic life.

House on the Volcano

1928 | Hamo Bek-Nazaryan
Streaming now on Klassiki

A revolutionary melodrama from the father of Armenian cinema, presented in a new restoration and an exclusive score from Juliet Merchant.

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Featuring the rising voices of Golden Apricot’s Critics’ Campus on the Klassiki Journal from 13 July
The participants of Golden Apricot’s prestigious Critics’ Campus will publish reviews and reports from the festival exclusively for readers of the Klassiki Journal.

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Read an exclusive interview with the woman behind our brand new score for Hamo Bek-Nazaryan’s House on the Volcano.

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