Klassiki are proud to partner with Bertha DocHouse, the UK’s only cinema dedicated to documentary, for a season of films that explore the intersection of memory and poetry.

In cinema and online from 4th April.

Bridges of Time

2018 | Kristine Briede, Audrius Stonys
The Baltic “poetic documentary” of the 1960s redefined non-fiction, moving away from realism towards romance and the metaphysical. Stonys and Briede’s documentary celebrates this tradition and questions its role in the modern world.

With an introduction from director Audrius Stonys.

Fragile Memory

2022 | Ihor Ivanko
National and personal histories merge when a young filmmaker uncovers a previously unpublished archive of photographs by his grandfather, celebrated Ukrainian cinematographer Leonid Burlaka.

With a recorded introduction from director Ihor Ivanko.

Online: The Woman and the Glacier

2016 | Audrius Stonys
This portrait of reclusive glaciologist Ausra Revutaite from Lithuanian documentary heavyweight Audrius Stonys is a study in human solitude and the majesty and fragility of the natural world.

Online: 235,000,000

1967 | Uldis Brauns
A landmark in the Baltic poetic documentary tradition, 235,000,000 was one of the most ambitious films of the Soviet ‘60s. Brauns’ film presents a series of tableaux from Soviet life, from affairs of state to everyday life, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific coast. Eschewing voiceover or commentary, Brauns allows its timeless images to speak for themselves.

Online: Year of the Dragon

1988 | Andres Sööt
Andres Sööt’s portrait of Estonian society over the course of 1988, when the movement for national independence came to a thrilling head. Sööt’s newsreel-style account of a nation coming to consciousness injects political urgency into the poetic documentary project.

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Interview with Dovile Sarutyte

October 4 2022
An interview with Dovile, director of 2022’s festival darling film, about making her first feature and the challenges that lie ahead.