Radu Jude looks to the future in the first episode of the Klassiki Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the Klassiki Podcast!

We’re launching the show to help take you further into the wide world of cinema from Eastern Europe. Join us each week as we explore the past, present, and future of this fascinating region. 

Each season of ten episodes will feature interviews, roundtable discussions, recorded essays, and more. Highlights of the first season include an interview with the Canadian-Armenian icon Atom Egoyan, and a trip into the wold world of the Soviet avant-garde with historian Ian Christie.

Our first season premieres today with an interview with the great Romanian filmmaker Radu Jude. Romania’s provocateur in chief joins host Sam Goff to discuss the runaway success of his hilarious new film, Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World. Along the way, Jude explains the the East-West crisis in European politics, his evolving approach to national history, and how TikTok is forcing filmmakers to adapt – or die.

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Intro music by Juliet Merchant.