Żuławski, Parajanov, and me: adventures in Eastern Europe with Dan Bird

Dan Bird is a writer, curator, and filmmaker. Through his work in restoration, retrospectives, biography, and distribution, he has championed countless films and has played a key role in preserving the legacies of iconic figures like Walerian Borowczyk, Sergei Parajanov, and Andrzej Żuławski. From 2015, I directed the Bek-Nazarov Project, a film preservation and restoration programme in the South Caucasus, Central Asia, and Ukraine.

On this episode of the Klassiki Podcast, Dan sat down with host Sam Goff to talk about his unusual path into Eastern European film, his experiences working alongside Żuławski, and what the colourful life of Sergei Parajanov can teach us about national identity and post-colonial film.

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Intro music by Juliet Merchant.