Behind the scenes of the Romanian New Wave with Ada Solomon

This week on the Klassiki Podcast, host Sam Goff is joined by Romanian film producer Ada Solomon. Since breaking through in the chaotic world of the post-communist nineties, Ada has made a name for herself as one of Eastern Europe’s most vital producers. She has been one of the driving forces behind the international success of the Romanian New Wave thanks to her long-standing collaboration with Radu Jude. She’s has also been involved in high-profile international productions, including as an executive producer on Maren Ade’s festival hit Toni Erdmann.

Ada takes Klassiki behind the scenes of the Romanian New Wave to explain the origins of the film movement that rocked Europe in the 2000s. She also gets into her work with Jude and others, and how her career bridges Eastern and Western Europe.

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Intro music by Juliet Merchant.