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Time Time100 mins
Gorbachev. Heaven
Горбачев. Рай

The 90-year-old Gorbachev currently lives in isolated splendour outside Moscow. One of the 20th century’s most controversial figures, he was the architect of glasnost and perestroika, policies that gave the citizens of the Soviet Union a chance to be free. At the same time, under his rule, the Chernobyl nuclear facility exploded and its destruction was concealed, and Soviet tanks killed peaceful demonstrators. History will judge Gorbachev, but here Gorbachev presents his own, final testimony.

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Geraldine Sebastian
Geraldine Sebastian
Most interesting.
A very good account of Gorbachev. I think the world would have been a much better place had he been allowed to stay in power.
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
Poetic and emotive
An interesting contrast to the recent Werner Herzog film on Gorbachev, which takes a more historical point of view. This film is more poetic, but at the same time the director is almost confrontational towards his subject. Sometimes this produces unique and valuable conversations, sometimes the director comes across as overly aggressive of Gorbachev's prevarications, considering some topics are indeed more complicated than a simple answer can provide. Putin overshadows the film, he's often in the television in the background. Some scenes are very touching - the emphasis on his love for Raisa and a revealing picture of Gorbachev's financial situation makes this film an especially worthwhile watch.
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